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What is RozDhan App and How to Earn Money from it?

We all want to earn money online but we do not know how to earn money online. In the Internet, you will find thousands of websites and apps that are telling you how to earn money in lakhs and crores.

If you want to earn money online then through this app you can earn money by watching videos. Apart from this RozDhan App also provides entertaining and daily news. RozDhan is the best online money earning app, you can earn paytm cash daily along with entertainment.

Then what is the delay, let us know what is this RozDhan App and how to earn money from it. I am not saying that you should trust me completely, I believe that you yourself should try it once and see for yourself whether money can actually be earned from this or not. Then let's get started.

What is RozDhan App?

This is a money earning app in which you can earn money in many ways and also you get to see trending articles and viral videos which is available in more than five Indian languages.

It gives your entertainment as well as many opportunities to earn money like you can earn money by reading articles, earn money by playing games, earn money by completing given tasks and earn money by just opening this app every day. You can earn etc.

Some important information about RozDhan App –

  • RozDhan App is an Indian App.
  • RozDhan App was launched on 5th August 2018 on Play Store.
  • Right now RozDhan App has more than 10 million active installations in Google Play Store.
  • You can transfer the money earned from RozDhan App to Paytm Wallet.

Before knowing about earning money on RozDhan App, you have to know about downloading this app and creating an account on it.

How to Downloading RozDhan App And Create Account?

Downloading Roz Dhan App and creating an account is not a very difficult task for an Android Mobile User!  But still you are facing any problem in using it, then you can follow the steps given by us and earn money using it.

  • First of all, you have to download Roz Dhan App from the link given above or by using Google Play Store.
  • After that you have to install it in your mobile.
  • After it is installed, you have to open it.
  • Now here you have to choose your language.
  • After that you will see the main two ways to login to Rozdhan app, the first will be to login with Google and the other will login with Facebook. So we choose the option to login (login with google) from this first option.
  • As soon as you login with google, you will see Congatulations login successfully written and in this way you get login in Rozdhan app and with this you get 25 rupees for login.
  • Now a page opens in front of you there.  Using which you can share it with your friends.
  • There you get 2 options, first to earn you 1250 Coins instead of Referral and second to enter Invitation Code.
  • If you put my Invitation Code there, then you get up to 25 rupees.
  • Now there is a total of 50 rupees in your Roz Dhan App.
  • Further you can earn more money by using Roz Dhan App.

How To Earn Money in RozDhan App?

1) Advertisement Video

In your created video, first of all you have to advertise the Rozdhan app, due to which the people of Rozdhan app give you money.  It's called Advertisement.

2) Dedicated Video

We can also do Paid Promotion by making a Full Video about Rozdhan.

3) Per Download

Tell about Rozdhan app anywhere in any of your videos and you can give its link in your description. With which people can download Rozdhan app, from which you also get some money.

4) Monthly Salary Agreement

You can connect with Rozdhan App forever as per your wish.  In this you have to do Video, Logo, Banner & Screen Promotion. With this, Rozdhan app gives you monthly money.

Roz Dhan App Key Features

Some features are also available in this app.  Using which you can run this app even better.

  • Hindi and Telugu videos are also offered in this app and if we like this video then we can also download it.
  • There are separate sections for each category in Roz Dhan App like – Dialogue, Meme, Jugaad, Fun, Greeting, Sports, you can watch the video of the category you want to watch and upload by clicking on that section.
  • Like other apps, the option of Like, Share and Comment is also available in Roz Dhan App.

RozDhan App Real or Fake

This question is often asked by people in Google whether Rozdhan app is real or fake?  So according to google playstore Rozdhan is the best money earning app in India!  And till now Rozdhan mobile app has been downloaded more than 10 million from Google Play Store!

Rozdhan App has a rating of 4.0 stars in the Google Play Store!  Apart from this, a total of 2,29,347 people have given their reviews about this money making app so far!

In such a situation, once you can visit Google Play Store and read the reviews provided by the people to get the exact answer of whether Rozdhan app is real or fake!


In this article, we have told you information about how to earn money from Rozdhan. If you like the information, then definitely share it with your friends so that other people can also get information about it.

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