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Know About Uento App

Friends, today we will learn about uento app which is an android application.  All the information about what is uento app and how we can earn money by working on uento app is given below!  Only after you read the information given below carefully, start working on the uento app!

Uento app install and sigh up

First of all, open your play store and type uento in the search box!  As soon as you type, uento app comes in front of you and you have to install the same app!

After installing, first you have to register!  For registration, you must have a valid email address and password!  You can also log in to uento app from facebook!

Caution: In uento app, you can create only one account from one device!  If you do any wrong thing here, then your account is closed forever, keep this thing in mind!  Sometimes new offers or features are launched in the uento app, so we have to update the uento app at that time!

Here you get new offers according to the level!  The better you work in the uento app, the more your level increases and you start getting good offers!

Uento app log in and work

As soon as you log in, you come to the dashboard of the uento app!  Here you have to work!  Whatever work you do in uento app, you get its point!  You can convert those points into money at the time of payment.  100 point becomes 1 dollar  in uento app!

In the uento app, you get to download the apps!  If you download an app, you get its money!  Here you get different money for downloading each app!  Before downloading any app, you have to download only after reading the rules and condition of the app!  If you follow the rules and condition properly, then you get its money!

Here you get to play a game of taps, which if you play then you can earn good points!

Here you get to see video ads and sometimes you get to do some tasks too!  If you watch video ads or do any task, then you get some taps!

What is taps: A simple tap game is available in the uento app to play!  Here you get to see a gold coin and we have to tap on that gold coin!  When we tap repeatedly to win on a gold coin, we get the same number of points!  But we can tap the same number of times, we have earned taps by watching video ads or doing any task, and we can never do more taps than that, we have to keep this in mind!

Referral Program

When you reach level 20 in the uento app, you get a referral code!  If a member from your referral code registers on the uento app, then you get 1 point from him!  Here you can earn countless money by joining countless members!

How to get payment

Here as soon as you become 2.5 dollar, then you can send money to paypal!

Here you can also get mobile recharge and DTH recharge done!

Here you can also take voucher of facebook!


Friends, sometimes changes keep happening in the uento app, so you should always be updated on the uento app!  Friends hope you liked our article!  If you do not understand anything, then write it in the comment below!  I will definitely try to reply to your comment!

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