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What Is Task Bucks App

Friends, today we will learn about task bucks app which is an android application!  All the information about what is task bucks app and how we can earn money by working on task bucks app is given below!  Only after you read the information given below carefully, start working on task bucks app!

Task Bucks app install and sigh up

First of all, you open the play store and type the task bucks app in the search box!  As soon as you type, the option of task bucks - get wallet cash and recharge comes in front of you!  You have to download the same app!

After downloading the task bucks app, first you have to register!  For registration, it is very important for you to have a valid email address and password!  You also have to give your correct information here!  You also have to give your active mobile number here!

The company sends an OTP to your mobile number which you have to use at the time of registration.  Your account cannot be activated without filling the OTP.

Task Bucks app log in and work

As soon as you log in, you come to the dashboard of the task bucks app!  Here you get many apps to download.  If you download any one app then you get its money.

Before downloading any app, you have to read its rules and condition.  If you download any app according to the rules and condition, then you get its money! You get different money for downloading each app!  Here you can earn very good money by downloading apps.

Here you can earn money by playing quiz too!  Here you are asked some questions, on answering which you get money!  The questions asked here are based on general information.  That's why you can earn money by playing quiz very easily.  Here you get to read new's too!  If you read any news then you get money for that too!

In the task bucks app, some offers keep coming every day!  Sometimes new features are also added to the task bucks app, so you have to stay updated on the task bucks app!

Referral Program

In the task bucks app, you get a referral code!  If any new member from your referral code registers on the task bucks app and downloads any one app, then you can get money from Rs 15 to 25 according to the referral program of his task bucks app!  The referral program of the task bucks app is updated occasionally, so we cannot tell you the exact price here!  In the task bucks app, you can earn countless money by joining countless members!

How to get payment

In the task bucks app, you can transfer money to paytm and you can also recharge mobile recharge and mobile data pack!

To transfer or recharge money in paytm, it is very important to have at least 20 rupees in your account of task bucks app, only then you can transfer money to paytm and get recharge done!

In the task bucks app, the payment is also updated, due to which the condition of payment also keeps on changing, keep this in mind!


Friends, sometimes there are changes in the task bucks app, so you should always be updated on task bucks app!  Friends hope you liked our article!  If you do not understand anything, then write it in the comment below!  I will definitely try to reply to your comment!

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