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How to use and create account in Moj app

Do you want to know how to use Moj App and what are the options we get in Moj.  So stay on this article, I am going to tell you about it below.

How to use Moj App?

By watching the above video, you can know how to create account in Moj App, how to set username, how to create video, how to upload video, and how to delete any uploaded video.  And in this video you will get many more information like you can see in this video all about the effects, filters and effects of this app.

How create account in Moj App?

Creating an account in Moj App is very easy, you can create an account in this app through Facebook, Gmail and your mobile number in this app.  So let's know step by step how to create an account.

STEP-1 You have to download this app first, to download you can download it by clicking on the link given below.


STEP-2 Now when you open this app, it will ask you to select language, then you select the language according to you, then videos will start playing in front of you, so now you have to create an account in this app, then create an account.  For this you will see a profile icon on the right side, you have to click on it.

STEP-3 Now you will get three options to create an account, then you can click on any option according to you, if you do it from Facebook or Google, then you will be asked to select your account only but you select the option with phone number.  If you do, then you will also have to enter OTP and by doing this you can create an account in Moj App.

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